If you or your business is searching for lawyers in Lisbon, one must be aware of the critical issues related to attorney Carmen De Souza. In mid November 2016, Carmen De Souza wrote an inducement / demand letter soon followed by another letter. The first letter, dated 16/11/2016 was basically a demand letter which was addressed to the consultant of MX Properties, Inc - Mr John S Diak. To provide background to this situation. Mr Diak has been for nearly 17 months working on various funding projects for MX Properties and its affiliates through securing certain bank financial instruments that would provide capital for the companies. From September 2015 to date, MX and its affiliates was induced to fund over $1mm by John S Diak for these banking instruments. Alas, after 14 months, Mr Diak contacted MX Properties' officials to provide what was thought to be good news in that its initial funding would finally begin. However, this good news was quickly tempered when Mr Diak informed MX that it must fund another $11000 to cover "fees" for the transaction.

This new revelation was incredibly frustrating for MX Properties after all it had been through with John S Diak. Upon receiving this news, MX Properties requested a letter confirming that if it paid the $11000 in transaction "fees", its initial funding would commence. So on 16/11/2016, MX received the demand / inducement letter referenced above written by Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza which CLEARLY stated that upon payment of the $11000 for these mysterious and undefined "fees", $5mm Euros in initial funding would be released "IMMEDIATELY" to the company. Two days thereafter, MX Properties, Inc received a second letter authored by Carmen De Souza that stated "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments". This finally gave MX the comfort it was seeking that confirmed its funding was at hand. Yet several days went by with absolutely no initial funding taking place as promised in Carmen De Souza's two letters. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months with no resolution in the matter. MX Properties, Inc then began a fervent effort to contact Carmen De Souza over a 30 day period to ascertain the status of its funding. Frustratingly, Ms De Souza ignored all communication efforts of MX Properties. The only communication that MX received during this period was from consultant John S Diak where he only provided broken promises and excuses for why the transaction was not closed.

Equally as troubling, is the fact that MX Properties, Inc began receiving emails from parties that were not even referenced in either of Carmen De Souza's letters; therefore, the company is not comfortable disclosing the names of these individuals. The only general comment that MX Properties can provide is that some of these emails are incredibly troubling to the company where statements were made that were completely false and libelous. MX Properties strongly refutes any and all of these claims and has provided facts in the case that are indisputable. At all times in the matter, MX acted in complete good faith and complied with the demands / provisions in Carmen De Souza's 16/11/2016 letter.

MX Properties, Inc continues to call upon lawyer Carmen De Souza to ensure the release of its funds as called for in her letters promptly as it acted in good faith at all times.